Monday, July 29, 2013

Long time no see.

It´s been a while since last time. I feel great to talk to you again over this blog.

I would like to apologies with all the followers that check up some of the post that i did and i didn´t follow up.

Now i´m back. Now i´ll be glad to talk with you about music and of course how the e-commerce is affecting the "Online Value Proposition" better known as OVP in the dynamics of music, artist and repertoire, and talent management.

In the meanwhile I´ll leave you with some of the notes I´ve been doing to understand the e-marketing basics to find a good place to start a new wave of marketing over the internet relating music, engaging people but most important: Improving our way to see things.

Do not forget:
7S Strategic Framework to e-bizz and e-comm.
First and fore most TCO (total cost of ownership / how much will going to cost us and when can we grant our effort)
 1.Strategy (Budget/PMI/ROI)
 2.Structure (Integration)
 3.Systems (Management of supply chain information)
 4.Staff (Contractors, consultants and co-workers)
 5.Style (Our behavior to achieve e-commerce goals)
 6.Skills (Search Engine Marketing SEM/ Suppy Chain Management SCM)
 7.Super-Goals (Effectiveness about our strategy)

Now, we are not longer in the 3.0 internet era. The 4.0 era is coming with great success and we must be prepare to find the tools that can help us to gently hit the 4.0 phase gentle and drive our consumer internet experience.

Cheers and I will leave you with a great video about Busy P (ex-manager of DaftPunk) talking about his record label.

Enjoy and see you next time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What´s the history in morning glory?

Seems to be that now we are living on a
streaming wave cloud system
in music terms and other terms as well. Well.... just in certain regions.

First world places or at least, countries with huge infrastructure in terms of web/new media development, are providing great content to measure their clients.

This is a great opportunity to deliver rich media content to your final clients and users to provide them a good experience attached with amazing music content.

This interactive media fill up our marketing strategy, reading our target market profile and discovering the whos, when, where and how these users take widgets to know about our music projects such as: new releases, shows, festivals and news.

Most important is to develope with our OVP
on line value proposition
a feedback of our consumers to engage our unique constumer experience.

See you soon here.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E-music Marketplace online representation and Worldscup TV sells phenomenon OUI OUI

Hello everyone. This time, I would like to talk about different aspects to achieved advantage on-line, with music projects.

When selecting intermediaries to promote your music, you should always check:

The e-market size, how many songs/art can be show in other to increase viewers, the depth information collected about your viewers to personalized your music (individual needs) and develop success partnerships by giving free will of choice when your listener wants to compare your songs with other masterpiece who won´t be always yours; this will give them freedom of choice, and information of what your consumer is listening too.

As an example of this, we can talk about worldcup´s TV sells phenomenon.

The size of your market is limited by the tv purchasers, that can be count by the number of HD/LED or 3D screens sold the last 3 years from huge retalers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, Wall-Mart kind off stores.

Then How many of these TV were offered according to brands and individual needs?;last but not least, these retaliers show these TV´s one in front of another to make a final choice.

To increase the share of knowledege of this post I want to show you a Frech music market set up by Universal Music via youtube channel named Stromae, where you can see different aritst out of VEVO´s platform with the same quality; giving to the listener, a great experience of the Frech market/french artist and surplus of genders from this niche market.

I hope this example explane well how important is to set up a competitive web-site; if not, I would be glad to respond any question related to this topic or any of the past posts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OVP Online Value Proposition

Hello everyone, it´s been a while since last post, I would like to apologies to all of you; sometimes, when your Mac has suddenly close its eyes, you need to send it to the doctor and wait for the best. Thank god the best came and I will still waiting for 15 days; now I´ll be writing from another device. Thanks to the people how help me to get this VAIO and thanks to MAC call I would not pay for tech-support.

Having said that, I want to talk about market place analysis and the main elements you should check to promote your band with your target market.

To aim good results on your target audience, you need to summarized different target segments by a concept name Share of search meaning that the audience share of internet searches, generates data by a particular audience in a particular market , making a unique value to you an to your listeners.

In order to understand your market place, you need to answer:

Does your music entertain them? helps to forget, makes you socially aware, informs.

The list can extend in other to set up your place on the web market narrowing the consumer´s profile.

The visitors will generate on your site a path or web-print, where you can understand a wide range of actions from your consumers. Where they are visiting you? How many times per month they check your site and in less words: What does my art/music/artist do to my consumer?

As soon as you answer these questions; the possibilities of success on the internet with your art could be closer.

Then I want to share with you some songs that, at my point view deliver this message to their audience making a path for the music listeners and for the artist as well. Hope you like it, and share some thoughts folks

Friday, May 21, 2010

INVISIBLE MAN.... Intangible benefits for e-music web-pages

Hello everyone, I hope you like last post I made about SOFT LOCK IN examples. This time, I will talk about criteria you should check, if you have the idea of promoting your band, trough the internet owning a web-page.

Some of the fundamentals to develop awesome web-pages, are base on:

Cost-benefit: It is a little bit expensive set up a proper web-page, but as you know, great plans require great sacrifices. (Michelangelo's sistine chapel celing years spent, recording 300 songs to pick up 9 and make Thriller or KRS moping floors while he was listening his songs on commercial radio without any royalty back on his first album)

Value adding: With a better performance on your web-site, there will be an improve on your viewers, fans and visitors; tangible benefits such as revenue, sales, less administration cost (paper, cds, phone calls) and intangible benefits such as: corporate image, faster market response, enhancing your brand/band and feeds from listeners.

Kick ass web pages such as Google or Amazon time the mili-seconds spend on their sites performance to increase a faster experience from the average perspective point of view.

Some of these "average users" are pretty desperate to get info, products or services from those sites, but the most important result is that much of those customers drop the towel switching their SOFT LOCK-IN web habits to a quicker web site. That's why it's important to improve the technology as an artist to promote your songs.

I know, I know you are not a multimillion dollar Inc. who needs tons of speed on their web-performance, but if you are taking your artist career serious,you could consider a shorter cycle time to make available your music rather than a file sharing site who won say any consumer habit of your clients or listeners.

Let me know question/suggestion/comments/feeds. I'll be glad to answer

See you soon. One of those videos has a delay logarithm on its source code. Which one?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Singing my li... with his wor..... Killing me LOCK-IN with this song....

Hello there. I hope you like your last week as I liked mine.

Now I would talk about SOFT LOCK-IN term.

Artist should build a closer relationship with his or her audience to achieve fan retention. A great example of this is RadioHead; they always push the envelope of their audience by making us (the fans) looking forward the new sounds on their albums, new merchandising, new apps, websites and the list goes on.

RadioHead message is clear:
We like to do things good, we provide high quality to build a no end relationship to our fans

So What is the big deal with new bands, if these new bands are a mouse click away from competitors such as RadioHead?(of course if you are producing music like they do)

How many other groups like RadioHead have been listed on Billboard charts since RaidioHead creation?

If the main supplier (RadioHead) continue to delivering great value products (awesome songs)the time to invest in new bands (looking up in to the internet) with RadioHead's qualities, will take time to learn (time is money) and cost of switching (because you need to invest time listening a new band that will try to approach to the same sound knowing that there will be millions of other bands that will try to get influence but finding their own path).

The ideal for Radio Head could be: The service meets the needs of its users, delivers such kind of value that followers are satisfied and do not consider switching to another band Of course that could happened if we were living an utopia but thank god we deal with the real world. This is an extreme example to show you how the Soft Lock-In process works.

Imagine creating that for your music project...
Yeah tons of success will come around so try to do it and let me know your thoughts (ahh check out these RadioHead songs and the Dj that remix rainbows. By the way support record industry I bought twice this record it is amazing (it is so good that someone stole it from me)

Friday, May 14, 2010


I know that I would take off from the topics that we will see today but this is a clear example of what will happen latter on in terms of entertainment industries.

Experience all through you server....

(WOW that's really something if you were working for traditional media or if you are still working on it, because now you would change the course of your ship to hit the sand of the next island named Google/tweeter/whatever come next)

Amazing interview about Conan O'Brien's path after he was kick out from NBC.

He had a contract with NBC and by movements on NBC's schedule he ended up out of the prime time for these type of shows.

Then he went off from air and he couldn't be able to take "traditional media" because of his legally prohibited clause on his contract, who says he is not able to appear in television, radio or doing performances on the internet (even internet).

The only thing he had to make for a living was touring as a comedy show. Then he sent only just one tweet and the show sold cross contry in a couple of hours. After the lawyers cancel his tweeter account.

The point is:

Time is changing faster than we think, the only way Conan survived was his audience, the audience were in charge of the entire marketing opperation, Conan and his team didn't put a single banner of billboard out on the streets to announce his tour. That my friends is loyalty and the new way people is approaching to their artists. Imagine what could happen with music...

I will leave you with the entire interview. I liked a lot because I'm a Conan fan

Cheers and put some comments see you next week